History of Kratom

The scientific name of the kratom is the mitragyna speciosa kratom otherwise called as the kratom and has its origin from the southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and other neighboring countries. It is a tree that is grown in the regions having the tropical climate and is found to have many medicinal values including pain relief, euphoria, stomach problems and sexual wellness.

The root of this herb is found in the cultural literature of Indonesia and other countries neighboring it. this herb has a long history with the peasant workers of the Indonesia where they used to chew this herb to curb the physical pain, they have due to the work they do on the daily basis. more than that, this herb was also used as a recreational drink and as the offering for the ancestral gods of the forest of that region. it is believed that people from that region used to chew the raw leaves for the effect.

This herb was not so popular among the people of the western world till the late 2000 and it was then people really recognized the importance of the medicinal values of this herb, let’s say in late 2004. The introduction of the world wide web made a tremendous effect on the people to know more about this herb and its medicinal qualities.

This herb, kratom was introduced to the western world by the botanist who worked in the Britain East India Company named Pieter Williams Korthals. Then it was then got into more attention when the research was undertaken by the person called low in the year 1862. He published the effects of the kratom in the users consuming the kratom by taking the people who were already buying the kratom and using it for the pain relief features offered by the kratom herb.

In 1895, another scientist called Holmes compared the effects of kratom with that of the opium and released a report about the detailed analysis of the natural herb Kratom. kratom is not only known for its pain relief properties but also for its other general wellness properties which were discovered by a scientist called I.H.Burkill. He mentioned in his report that Kratom is not only used for the recreational purpose but also used for treating other medical conditions like diarrhea and other stomach and liver-related problems. Moreover, he also said that the Kratom could be a potential ointment for joint pains which was later confirmed by the scientist called Sangun Suanlert in the year 1970.

Banned Substance

Banned Substance

In spite of Kratom being the best remedial substance for many medical conditions including sleeplessness, body pain, fatigue and many other problems, it was banned in Thailand in the year 1943, not because of the side effects it had on the people consuming Kratom, in fact, the side effects were very negligible for it to be banned. The real reason for Kratom being banned was that the government invested too much in the opium trade and the sudden introduction of the Kratom at the very cheap rate made the government cautious which led to the ban of Kratom in many countries including Thailand.

In the year 1943, the members of the Thailand representatives held a meeting on finding a reason to take Kratom out of the market. One of the members mentioned that “Taxes for opium are high while

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