How to use Kratom

Derived from a Southeast Asian tree, kratom, as we know it, is the extract of a plant that has been processed by the medical community to treat chronic pains, anxiety, stress, depression, diarrhea, insomnia and many other ailments, and is available on the open market and also on the online market for millions of people globally. Before gaining popularity in Western medicine over 3 decades ago, kratom was used by natives of Southeast Asia to treat fatigue and physical pain, by chewing on the leaves of the plant. Now that kratom has entered the realm of modern pharmaceuticals, the leaves are dried and processed and its extract is largely available in 3 forms, powders, tablets/capsules and liquids, though interest is quickly rising for newly produced kratom candies. The forms available also vary depending on the strain, many of which have higher potency and are rarer to find in more common forms. Here’s how we use kratom in its various forms:

Kratom Powder :

If you’re just starting out using kratom, this might be the form for you, and it is the most economical. Because the extract is processed into a powder, the doses are more conveniently measurable, and more can be added until you find a dosage that works for you. The usual way of having the powder is to mix 2-3 grams of the powder at most with water and then drink the resultant liquid/paste. Kratom powder, unlike the other forms of kratom, does have a somewhat unpleasant taste though. So the powder can also be mixed with other liquids of your choice or into yogurt and consumed to make it more enjoyable. Recipes for kratom chocolate milkshakes and other dishes made using the powder are available online.

Kratom Capsules :

For first-time users of either kratom or the kratom capsules, it’s always better to start a little slow. Obviously, the dosage should reduce with the increase in potency of the strain selected, but a good place to start is with smaller doses and no more than the 20g of Kratom Caps. 2 of these capsules, 3 at the most will sufficiently allow you to enjoy the effects for a good half hour. As you get comfortable with the sensations experienced, try switching dosages or strains.

Liquid Kratom :

Liquid kratom has exploded in terms of popularity and preference in the last few years, as an easy and mobile way to make the most use of kratom extracts. Most of the liquid kratoms that are available are premixed and enhance with flavor to mask the taste of the kratom extract. Usually, liquid kratom is sold in re-sealable bottles that can be carried around, and a dropper, with each dose being a little less than half a dropper, especially for new users. Liquid kratom comes in higher concentrations of the extract than the other two forms. For added ease, liquid kratom even comes in pre-measured shots so you can get your required dosage instantly.

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