Kratom and Marijuana is Legal in Thailand Now

Thailand has become the first official country to legalize the use of kratom and marijuana in by passing a bill for that. The law was implemented by the officials of the country on the date of December 25th. It is also reported that the country has received votes from the National Legislative Assembly with 166 votes altogether. The NLA has officially legalized the usage of marijuana and kratom and provided the license for the usage in the country according to the narcotics act of 1978.

The surprising new year gift from the NLA:

Since the legalization is now officially confirmed, it can be now widely used in the field of medicine and research purposes. The Reuters reported that Mr. Somchai Sawangkarn has called and declared it as the new year gift for the people of Thailand. He is the person who has taken the necessary steps in drafting this law and making it official for the people.

The public of Thailand has given an overwhelming response to the legalization and that all went gaga over the impact. Before the 1930s Thailand has been using the kratom and marijuana for curing diseases as followed in America. This practition was later discontinued by the people of Thailand because later people opted for the opioids to solve the issues. However, we have to thank the people of Thailand for this as they now have access to Marijuana thought licensed stores in their locality. This also ensures that they can buy them now with the most easily if they have a prescription with them of a medical practitioner. If the medical practitioner is approved by the Thailand committee he can give them to the consumer and he or she can consume it officially without any issues. This made all the Kratom traders happy that they can confidently and officially sell their Kratom products in Thailand.

Strict laws and penalty:

However, many countries like Canada and Columbia has officially legalized the usage of this thing very long back and there are many other southeast Asian countries which are yet to make this an official announcement. After the law was passed in the country, it is now used for the medicinal and research purposes so that it can make sure that the usage is done wisely. It is also now found that the process should be followed strictly and makes us understand the importance of the law.

If marijuana is found to be trafficked illegally, it can also cause a life sentence in countries like Saudi Arabia. Some of the other countries which follow this with very much of severity are the Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The controversies:

The legalization also brings in a lot of controversies to the limelight and some of the foreign issues which can bring in a lot of trouble to the country in every format. Reuters have also said that several countries are trying to make sure that the legalization is used effectively and does not violate any issues in the later stages. In addition to that, it is also known that the drug is made legal only for medicinal purposes and can be used to cure the illness of many people across the globe.

Legalization status in America:

The status of legalization is America is not yet finalized in the country and it is still held up due to the controversy of the drug. FDA of America has been in the news for a very long time for America as they term the kratom as the most dangerous drug and cannot be legalized in any part of the country. Some of the advocates have been fighting for it as the legalization should be done so that it can cure many diseases.

This has seriously led to many backlashes from the users of kratom in the states of America and there is a concern which is risen from the researchers too. Some of them have even claimed that it can surely cure the addiction towards the opiate products. Recently, kratom has become legal in many parts of America and it is being sold in many shops as a herbal supplement. Make sure that you get the best quality from a quality vendor since there is a chance of being cheated easily.

Recent actions and news of kratom

Recently the DHHS has declared kratom into the schedule 1 drug and there is enough support from the sides of FDA and HHS. Whereas the FDA looks at them from a medical point of view and the DEA looks it from a possibility to abuse the components.

Above all, if the American government decided to ban kratom, thousands of patients will become stranded and all they have to do is to get back with the opioid drugs to solve the illness. So, banning the kratom will further open the doors to the opioid crisis and the situation will become even worse than the current one.

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