Kratom Extract vs Kratom Capsules

Medicines over the years

Ever since the start of the human race medicines from natural means have been the lifesaver for humans as well as other beings. Medicines available through crushing, burning, chewing, adding in food, or mixing up with other herbs have been used by man. These were natural means of medication. It didn’t have a share of side effects on humans like paving the path for an entirely new line of disease. But with the dawn of the Pharmaceuticals, the entire medical game got changed. Pharmaceuticals gave quick and fast healing to humans leaving behind a trial of side-effects which cannot be conceived easily. With the course of time; the side effect starts to show up and the person needs ailment again. With the entry of pharmaceuticals, lots of natural medicines got banned to have psycho-active properties to keep their game strong and rich. There are still many places in the world where people only depend on natural means of medications. The Pharmaceuticals made lots of substance get banned with a tag like scheduled drugs. These drugs were having medicines for the ailments which even the pharmaceuticals can’t cure. One such kind off of Odd plant is the Mitragyna Speciosa or the Kratom. It is a plant belonging to the coffee family. It has its origination tales in the south-east parts of Asia; Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia. These countries noted to have the highest count of Kratom cultivation back in the 19th century. These people used it as a medical remedy as well for recreational purposes. Those people seem to use it without having a dosage for the substance. Overdosage of the very substance can lead to adverse effects. Now let’s take a look into the topic of a natural healer as well as a stimulant.


Kratom hailing from the coffee family was earlier used by chewing the leaves of the plant or by using it to prepare kratom Tea. This made the dosage not prescribed. The people knew it was a medicine and mood booster from the earlier days but the measure to consume created the havoc forcing the substance to be dark for years. It has been less than 10 years when the substance has gained popularity or users around the world. The users and buyers of Kratom are increasing gradually so that the Kratom Sellers also increasing parallelly. People belonging to the American as well the European countries have started to use kratom largely with the south-east countries already in the lead. Kratom is even banned in a considerable amount of countries even the south-east Asian country Thailand which carries the credit to have been one of the earlier users of the substance.

Types of Kratom


Kratom has a variety of strains which can be easily classified based on the color of the veins. The Color of the veins carries a message depicting it. However, the strains in each colored veined leaf have differenced patterns of effects in them. However, the effect patterns can be related to each other. The key colored kratom plants are the Red-veined, white-veined, green-veined. Red-veined kratom strains are meant to have pleasing calming effects. It is most suited for beginners and so far is the most popular as well most sold kratom strains belong to the Red-veined kratom. Red-veined helps a person with sleep issues with the moderate sedation it can provide when consumed moderately. It has the properties to relieve body pain and acts as painkillers. It is much appreciated that the pharmaceutical painkillers. It is even grown vastly in the south-east part of Asia. White vein Kratom is mostly used as a mood enhancer. It’s energizing traits and mood-boosting. White Kratom is an alternative for coffee even for its share of alertness and concentration the strains spare. It is not advised to use the substance late because it can keep you energized. The strains are often mixed with red strains to maintain the balance and boost of energy. Green-veined kratom is considered to be something middle way between the white and red-veined kratom. They exhibit a share of sedation as well energizing traits can be found.


Not all strains are suitable for everyone. Based on the potency and nature; the strains can be consumed either standalone or mixed up. The strains can be found to soothe, calm, energize, heal, mood boost etc.…… The mixture of strains can even give a person the desired experience. The strains can be used by the proper dosage value to enjoy the desired experience. 2-3 grams can be the dosage recommended for beginners and for a normal boost even. Moderate dosages are recommended for healing and inducing sleep purposes. 3-5 grams can be a moderate amount of proportion for all the strains the over usage is not appreciated because it may lead to addiction or undesirable aftermaths. Stay on the terms and enjoy the experience… How can these strains be available now? Extract/ Capsule? Which will better experience? Let’s check it out.

Kratom Extract

Extracts are usually derivatives that can be obtained from the herbs or plants during the process of extraction. Extraction is potentially done to extract the desired element from the herb or the plans unlike to have the whole of the herb’s benefits. Extraction happens through a mechanical process where the extract is separated from the source to filter the desired element. Most commonly the extracts can be found in liquid form by squeezing the herbs. Extracts that are obtained from the herb are often concentrated form of the element before being diluted or tampered. The extract carries the full nutrition as well as a thick base. The extract can also be diluted for further use by adding it with a solvent like pure water. Consumers have the choice to buy the concentrated extracts as well dilute it and use correspondingly. The only thing is the herb should carry some moisture before going through the process of extraction for proper extraction of extracts. The Extracts can even be used as outer medicines. It can be used to be applied as oil. As it is naturally extracted it is easily soluble. The extracts applied in the outer skin get soluble and work inside the skin.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are easily available online nowadays. The Capsules are filled with proper dosages of kratom powder like 0.5 g per capsule. The Capsules, unlike the extracts, can be used to achieve the more potency as well as more benefits. The Extracts is usually a specific element extracted from the source plant. The powder is dried up and curated if needed. This makes the powder to carry more benefits compared to the extracts. The Capsules can be added to beverages or standalone. The capsules when consumed reach the stomach to react with the enzymes and the intestinal fluids to digest the gelatin outer of the capsules to make the powder inside the capsule work. The capsules of various strains can be purchased and tried easily online. The capsules even stay as a bar for the proper dosages. The properties of the kratom can be used and enjoyed more using the capsules.

Potency and Dosing

The potency of the extracts can be solely dependent on the purity. If the extracts get mixed with impure properties then the potency is expected to be deteriorated. The Extract’s potency can also be monitored by the addition of solvent to the concentrated form of extract. The extract is used for medicinal purposes. Dilute and apply where the medication is required. The Dosage needed can be diluted and used.

Capsules are more potent as they just carry the raw kratom powder. It is just consumed whole without diluting the potency. Capsules are used for both recreational as well as medicinal uses. The average dosage ranges from 6 to 10 capsules for medicinal benefits for the person to experience the effects. Beginners are prompted with 3-5 capsules based on the potency.

Both the extracts as well the capsules provide benefits for human lives. Let’s embrace what nature has given us and use it in a responsible way for the betterment of mankind. Use responsible and enjoy desirable.

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