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1)    All material on is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, and we hereby make no warranties on conditions of merchantability or delivery of content, and negate all other warranties both implied and express, including conditions on non-infringement of intellectual property.

2)    The Kratom Capsules also makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy and efficacy of the information published and makes no guarantees as to the reliability of said material and material from sites linked to ours.


The Kratom Capsules will bear no liability for any damages arising out of the use of materials found or purchased on our website, even if an associate of The Kratom Capsules has been notified of the possibility of such damage in any form. These damages include but are not limited to claims arising out of a loss of data or loss of profit due to business interruptions. Check your state laws to know if these limitations apply to you as some state jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties and damages.


The Kratom Capsules does not warrant complete accuracy of materials published on our website, and such materials could include technical, photographic and typographical errors. Changes can be made to the content without any notice, though no obligation exists to do so.


A number of third-party external links can be found on our website. The inclusion of these links does not amount to an implied endorsement. The Kratom Capsules has not reviewed all external links and thereby takes no responsibility for their content, and such sites are used at the user’s risk.


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At The Kratom Capsules, we take your privacy very seriously, and we do our best to ensure any information we collect from you is protected to the best of our abilities. Here’s some information about how we operate.


Log Data

The standard data provided by your web browser is automatically logged by our servers when you visit our site. This data, “non-identifying information” does not identify you personally but may include your IP Address, browser type and browsing history. Data on the device being used for browsing is also accessed, including operating systems, device settings and geo-locations, depending on the settings of your device and the policies of your device and software manufacturer.


To provide you with specific services, such as answering queries or shipping products, and to best provide you with content you want, we collect the following personal information

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Social media profiles
  • Contact number
  • Home/Mailing/Billing address
  • Banking and payment information


All information collected by us is done lawfully and with the knowledge and consent of our users, doing our best to keep them informed of how it will be used, and all users maintain the right to refuse our requests for information, though it could be detrimental to our ability to provide you your desired services.


All information is collected by us so we can better understand who our customers are, what services they most prefer and what are the areas of our site that we can best improve. None of this information is disclosed publicly though anonymous versions of the information we collect are used in various studies such as customer trend reports. Contact information we use to keep you updated and appraised of all services we are offering and promotional content can be opted out of by simply unsubscribing, following instructions listed in our regular correspondences.


All personal information collected by us is stored and processed in partnering and third-party maintenance facilities in the US. Any transfer of data is done within the jurisdiction and subject to prevailing data protection laws.

Personal information is only retained to provide services or improve services and we work hard to protect it from loss or theft, copying, use or modification. However, no means of electronic storage is absolutely secure and we can, therefore, make no guarantees as to its absolute safely. If you wish to have your personal information deleted, you may submit a request and we shall attempt to do so as quick as possible.


Cookies are small pieces of data that are a part of our website that is accessed every time you visit our site. These cookies help us to the collection about you and how you use our site, so we can serve you content that you want. For more details, refer to our Cookie Policy.


We engage a number of third parties to perform a series of services for us. We do not share any personal identification information without your content nor are they permitted to disclose any of our collected data, though access is granted solely to perform the required service. Some of these services include:

  • Analytics
  • Advertising
  • Content and specific marketing
  • Cross-promotional and email marketing
  • Payment related services
  • User Authentication

Limited access to our data is sometimes granted to external consultants for analysis and improvement of services, and this access is also limited to the performance of a specific function. Further, we choose external agencies that respect your privacy as much as we do.

In the case of law enforcement requests for data, we will to the best of our abilities refuse open access if the request is very broad, but we will cooperate if necessary as we too must comply with legal processes to protect our rights, the safety of the public, or to prevent what could be a crime or an unethical activity.

There is no further scope for a share of your personal information to third parties and we do not engage in the unlawful sale of your personal information to marketers.


While we do our best to the only affiliate with partners and third-party providers whose privacy policies are in keeping with ours, our policy only extends to our handling of data and we cannot take responsibility for the practices of third-party providers.

Our website also contains links to external sites that are not operated by us, and therefore we maintain no semblance of control over the policies of such sites or the content and bear no responsibility for any detrimental practices they may have.


We retain the absolute discretion to change our privacy policy as we feel necessary and we will ensure our users are kept aware of any changes through our website. If you are a regular user, we will ensure you are notified through the contact information linked with your account, and any use of the site after modification is regarded as the acquiescence of the changes policy.


As a user of our website you can exercise the following rights :

  1. a) Right to be informed about the collection and use of your data.
  2. b) Right to be informed about the data collected and how it is to be processed.
  3. c) Right to modify and update your personal information or request it to be deleted.
  4. d) Right to amend your account information at any time on the website
  5. e) Right to object to our use of your data.
  6. f) Right to opt out of data about you being used even in automated processes.


This part of our privacy policy deals with our use of cookies to help enhance your experience with our website. Basic information is also released to our third party service providers, who may also use cookies as a part of their service and are not covered by our privacy policy or cookie policy.

You can instruct your browser to refuse cookies from our website if you choose to, though it will limit our ability to provide you with enhanced content.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a unique identifier that a website stores on your device after you visit the site, and when you return, enables certain features to track how much you use our site, what kind of content you prefer and automatically stores your preferred user settings, such as time zone and frequent searchers. First party cookies are those set by a particular site and can only track your activity on that particular site. Third party cookies set by other companies or sites can track you on other websites that also use that services of that third party.


Essential cookies

As the name suggests, these cookies are essential to your browsing experience and enable features such as logins, shopping carts, and even payment processes, among other functions.

Performance cookies

These cookies keep track of how you use a website, without collecting your personal information. These kinds of cookies usually track information across the board for all sites and users and collect aggregate anonymous information. This information is then used to help companies better understand usage patterns and identify problems their user might encounter. The goal is to use these cookies to enhance the overall user experience on their site.

Functionality cookies

These cookies collect data about your device and configure the settings accordingly on whatever site you’re visiting to provide you with a more optimized user interface. Much like performance cookies, they can be set by both first-party websites or third-party service.

Targeting/Advertising Cookies

As the name would suggest, these cookies help to determine what your interests are with respect to targeted promotional content. This can be used by websites not only to deliver specific advertising but even limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement. This can make advertising campaigns more effective and additionally ensure you are approached by promotional ads that are in keeping with your interests. Cookies of this sort set by third parties can be used to track you to other sites that also use that third-party service.


By employing certain third-party companies to provide us services such as analytics or advertising, we are also required to grant these third-party companies access to a select portion of the information as is required for performing their service. They may set third-party cookies in order to collect the information to deliver their required service. As mentioned before, these cookies can be used to track you on other sites that are also using that same third-party service. These cookies are not covered by our cookie policy as we do not extend control over third-party cookies.

Our Third-Party Privacy Promise

It is important to us to protect your privacy and in order to achieve that, before we hire any third party company to provide us a service, we strictly review the privacy policies of our third party service providers to ensure that your privacy is as important to them. We will never knowingly allow access of user information to third party companies that violate the privacy, that we work hard to protect, of our users.

How Can You Control or Opt-Out of Cookies?

Most browsers have a configuration that allows them to accept cookies by default, but these settings can be changed. You can refuse cookies entirely or request a notification whenever a website is trying to set a cookie, and if you don’t wish to accept cookies from us, you can simply refuse. If you browse on multiple devices and interfaces, check to make sure all your settings are updates the way you want. Blocking off some cookies usually has minimal effect on your browsing experience, but keep in mind, refusing cookies altogether could result in a change in your user settings on certain sites as well as limited access to certain features and content.

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