What is the time taken by kratom capsules to hike up?

Kratom capsules, however, do not come into action immediately after the consumption, it does take some time and that is because of the capsule of which it is made up of. Depending on the dosage of the capsules, kratom capsules lasts for about 5 to 6 hours which is based on the intensity of the dosage. Kratom capsules have the peak effect in the time period between 1.5 to 2 hours. If you do not consume anything after consuming kratom capsules, this is going to take make the kratom even more intense and makes sure that you will feel all the essential effects of kratom.

How much is the dosage required to have a stronger and quick effect?

Just like every other drug or medicine, kratom kicks in immediately if consumed directly and if it is consumed in the form of capsules, it takes some time to kick in. If the kratom capsules are taken in a small dosage, it lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. There are several other factors which are involved in the effects of the kratom capsule in the body. So, it is important to understand that kratom takes different time to kick in for everybody and it largely varies with the individual.

In general, a person should always be cautious in selecting the dosage as it can take a serious toll on the body if the kratom is consumed on a higher dosage.

I can give you an effective guide on how much kratom is termed as different dosage.

  • 8 grams or higher = very strong effects, way too intense (analgesic/sedative effects; Not Recommended)
  • 6-8 grams Kratom = Strong effects (analgesic effects. Sedative; too strong for most people)
  • 4-6 grams Kratom = medium effects (analgesic effects/stimulant or sedative)
  • 2-4 grams Kratom = subtle effects (stimulant effects)

However, the sensitivity of the people may vary largely and has an adverse effect on the dosage of the kratom. So, the dosages which are given above is spoken on an average basis and most of the individuals would fit into it. It is always important that you begin your kratom consumption on a smaller dosage and makes sure that you be in your personal limits. If you are changing to a higher level of kratom dosage it is necessary that you should be able to withstand it.

What is recommended for you: capsules or powder?

Again, when it comes to this part, it varies with the individual and some are not comfortable with using the kratom capsule as they delay the feel of kratom. When it comes to capsules, it has some own fans and they are very much happy in consuming the kratom capsules.

The only positive of consuming kratom in the form of a capsule is that you can eliminate the taste factor which the kratom powder gives to the tongue. The process involved in making a kratom drink is tedious and to better that, consuming kratom in the form of a capsule is recommended to a greater extent. The main thing over here is that the kratom capsules does not show the immediate effect and has a delay of about 15 to 20 minutes to kick in with the real effects.

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