Why Kratom capsules are safer and comfortable than Kratom powder?

Now Kratom is quite popular in the market, it is available for sale in the form of powder, capsules, extracts, resins and much more. But an important question leaves pondering for answers. The mode of Kratom consumption can be highly debatable due to the bitter taste since the majority of the users despise the bitter taste of Kratom. It is to be noted that Kratom leaves were chewed by farmers in Southeast Asian countries for gaining energy bursts. But people now can’t do the same since we have all developed an affinity towards tastes that evoke a pleasant feeling.

Hence Kratom sellers all over the world, have come up with different forms to suit the needs of Kratom users. The two main forms of Kratom that are being consumed by users widely today is the Kratom powder form and the Kratom capsules. Initially, only the powdered form was introduced and later the capsule form has dominated the Kratom market due to various factors.

To understand this, we will have to know the differences between Kratom powder and Kratom capsules. Though it isn’t going to be something new to you, Kratom powder is the resultant of a crushed and powdered form of Kratom leaves, also processed for various benefits. Whereas, the Kratom capsules are the ones where the processed powder is contained in a pod for consumption.

Let’s discuss why Kratom capsules are safer and comfortable than Kratom powder?

An efficient way to track Dosage:

Dosage is one important criteria that needs to be kept in mind while consuming Kratom. This is due to the fact that Kratom administered without a check on dosage can lead to adverse effects. Hence there are standard guidelines as to how many mg per day have to be consumed. But in the powdered form, the quantity can never be accurate and hence the probability of overdosing cannot be denied. However, the Kratom comes up with an accurately packaged Kratom powder, meeting the standard dosage requirements. Hence, with capsules, you can stay on course tracking your dosage on a daily basis.

Eliminates Bitter taste:

Kratom is said to have a very bitter taste in the powdered form due to which many users either mix the powder with tea, yogurt or protein shakes to eliminate the bitter taste. However, with Kratom capsules, there is no bitter taste and you will have swallowed it no time without any unpleasant taste.

Easy to Prepare:

The preparation of Kratom powder can take much time since it has to be mixed with something. So, if you are someone who is very conscious about time, then Kratom capsules can be the right thing for you since you will waste no time in preparing it. Just pop up the capsules into your mouth with water and it is done.


The main reason why Kratom Capsules are being loved by most is that they are available in different sizes and dosages. You can even make your own capsules if you are very cautious on dosage levels. You will have to get your Kratom capsule machine which is optional or you can even get empty capsules of different sizes based on your comfort level. Once you have decided on the capsule size, you can fill it with kratom powder accordingly to get your dosage right.

A delight to new users:

New users, when they are about to get accustomed to Kratom, Kratom capsules can be the right way of approach since it involves fewer risks and can be administered easily without any complications. Capsules can keep new users on track without overdosing at any instance.

Easy Storage:

Kratom powder needs to be stored in a very cool and dry place without which it might lead to the very contamination of Kratom. However, Kratom capsules can be stored easily in any tight jars and also customized capsule boxes are available in the market, with an option to track your dosage efficiently.

Kratom capsules also take longer time than the powder to act which might not evoke any sudden spike reaction in people who are weak or mentally not prepared to face it. This, in turn, gives their body to adapt to the effects of Kratom gradually without causing any ill effects. However, it is subjected to individual preference and convenience though capsules always have an added advantage over powder.

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